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This site brought me to tears … I’ve changed my mind.

October 1st, 2007 · Comments Off on This site brought me to tears … I’ve changed my mind.

I ran across this website when I was doing a paper on the Anfinson case not too long ago for one of my criminal justice classes in college. Our assignment was to do a research paper on a case that we felt was an injustice to the defendant or victim, and having seen a documentary on this case I decided to choose it for my topic.

I found this website and it really made me feel for Heidi and her family. My professor was impressed with the arguments I made on why I felt Heidi got a harsher sentence than she deserved, and reading this site really brought me to tears. I hope Heidi and her family are holding up as well as they can after everything that’s happened to them in the past decade.

As someone who once thought no one could leave their baby alone in a bathtub and not call 911 finding them under the water, I’ve completely changed my mind on the matter after doing this research. Heidi and her family are in my prayers and I do hope one day that she can be a free woman once again. Read the entire paper …

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