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Close Friend

February 28th, 2000 · No Comments

by Anne Wood - longtime personal friend
originally published: 2000
in: Des Moines Register, opinion page

On Feb. 15, my world was devastated by the conviction of my dear friend, Heidi Anfinson, of second-degree murder in the death of her 2 week-old son, Jacob.  Never for one minute since Jacob’s death have I, my husband Jack, our children, the family or friends of Heidi’s believed what happened to Jacob was anything but an accident.

A doting mother with a loving, stable relationship with her husband, the unyielding support of family and friends does not suddenly turn into some kind of raging monster who kills her beautiful baby boy.

The Heidi I know wanted baby Jacob.  She adored her son.  I saw this with my own eyes.  There was no justice served, only more tears and heartache.

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