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Letter to the Editor

September 18th, 2002 · No Comments

by Becky Hoffbauer - sister
originally published: September 18, 2002
in: Pointblank (Des Moines weekly)

Was Nancy Johnson (Letters, 4 Sept.) trying to tell us that she was a public defender in felony criminal court in the state of Iowa, yet has the abysmal lack of discretion to publicly imply that she has confidential, insider knowledge she’d like to share with us?  What was she, a janitor with a good set of lock-picks that fit the filing system?  Her implications are conjecture at best, based on what?

I would like to know where you have obtained this information you think you have, Ms. Johnson.  Are you presenting evidence?  Who are your witnesses?  You seem to think that you are the ongoing judge and jury of a person you do no even know.  Why not slander her husband for good measure?  Who is going to question the authority of a recently retired court employee?  I am.

I am outraged at your supposition, no only because Heidi Anfinson is my sister and her husband is my brother-in-law, it incenses me that my taxes would pay for such poor judgment and such unprofessional character in a court employee, retired or not.  If retiring means that you can throw aside your duty to your professional oaths, then you’ve created a whole new genre of libel, it would seem to me.

Regarding the “Oprah” show, perhaps you missed it entirely, There was “no one from the opposing side” because there was NO opposing side to represent.  The show was about women who experienced post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis, the extremes it can take, what women need to know about it and how they can get help.  These illnesses are not disputed by the medical community.

Why do you?

It saddens me to find yet one more person who gains personal gratification by spreading hatred and invective in this already difficult world.

I feel sorry for you, Nancy.  It is clear to me that yours is a greatly suffering soul much in need of healing.  May God forgive you.

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